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Bastard Cabbage Takes Over Texas Wildflowers

 A tsunami of Yellow Bastard Cabbage flowers threatens to overwhelm Texas wildflowers

A tsunami of Yellow Bastard Cabbage flowers threatens to overwhelm Texas wildflowers

What are those tall plants with yellow flowers in your pictures with Texas Bluebonnets? The invasive species Bastard Cabbage is taking over Texas wildflowers, but there is a way we can fight back. Watch my latest Bastard Cabbage Takes Over Texas Wildflowers YouTube video.

The war rages on. The Texas Bluebonnet, Indian Paintbrush, and other Texas wildflowers are still battling it out with the Bastard Cabbage since I created the Native Plant Avengers YouTube video.

Commander Ben invites you to join the fight against the Bastard Cabbage

Commander Ben invites you to join the fight against the Bastard Cabbage

There are still a lot Bastard Cabbage invasive plants out there, but the good news is that more people know that the tall plant with yellow flowers is not native to Texas, and they can take steps to stop the spread of the invasive Bastard Cabbage and plant more native Texas wildflowers.

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How Do You Support the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center?

My family proudly supports the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. I first visited the Wildflower Center when I was four years old, and I’ve loved our Texas wildflowers and native ecosystems ever since.

Thanks, Wildflower Center, for featuring my exploits as Commander Ben, The Invasive Hunter, on your Passion for Nature video page.

I’m recovering from surgery from an old sparring injury, but I’ll be back in action again soon, so watch out invasive species!

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Learn How to Create Great Films with Lights. Camera. Help.

I had a great time last year at the 2012 Lights Camera Help film festival! As part of the festival, they showed my short film, Native Plant Avengers, which used humor and action to talk about the problems invasive species are causing to our native Texas wildflowers.

I enjoyed talking with all the people at the festival. I learned more about how to make films and the causes and organizations the filmmakers championed. I also talked with the festival goers about my experiences with invasive species, Texas Invasives, and the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.

Since then I’ve been thinking about my next film to submit to the Lights. Camera. Help. Film Festival, and I started work on it this month!

Create a film for good!

Are you interested in creating a film for your nonprofit or do you have a great idea for a good cause? Mr. Aaron Bramley, Executive Director of Lights. Camera. Help., has been creating great webinars to help you with ideas on how to produce your video, from creating your story, to filming, and to assembling your final film.

Find out more about the film topics and register for the next webinar today.

Hope to see your film soon!

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Texas Wildflowers Assemble Against Invasive Species at the “Lights Camera Help” Film Festival

Commander Ben leads Texas bluebonnet, Indian Paintbrush, and Bitterweed against Invasive Species in Native Plant Avengers

Just a quick reminder that the 4th Annual “Lights. Camera. Help.” Focus on Good Film Festival begins tonight!  As I shared with you in my post last month, my Native Plant Avengers – Ecosystem’s Mightiest Heroes video was selected to be part of the film festival.  My video, along with other videos focusing on good causes, will be shown on the Big Screen(!) to a live audience tonight beginning at 7:00pm in the Spirit of Texas Theater at the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum.

The winner of the film festival will be announced at 7:30pm on Friday, September 14, 2012, at their awards party at the Scottish Rite Theater.  If I win, I’ve asked to donate my proceeds to one of my favorite organizations whose hard work fighting invasive species everyday keeps native plants going strong in central Texas…The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center!

For more information about the film festival, check out my recent post where I share about my interview by Robert Sims on his radio show Lights, Camera, Austin aired on  KOOP, 97.1 FM.

If you’d like to join me at the “Lights. Camera. Help.” Focus on Good Film Festival, you can view the three day schedule and buy tickets here.  Hope you’ll come out and support a great cause!

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Native Plant Avengers – Ecosystem’s Mightiest Heroes

Although hopelessly outnumbered by the invasive species Bastard Cabbage, Texas wildflowers assemble their combined strength to battle against the choking monoculture invading their ecosystem.

The loyal heroics of Texas Bluebonnet, the hulking presence of Bitterweed, and the lighting power of Indian Paintbrush bring their native plant diversity together in a desperate fight against their invasive foe.

Learn more about the vile invader Bastard Cabbage with these recent blog posts:

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Commander Ben

P.S. Looking for more Avengers action? Don’t miss Marvel’s Avengers movie coming out in May!

Update: Learn more about the Texas wildflowers cast in Behind the Scenes of the Native Plant Avengers Movie Trailer

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