An Invasive Carol (Battles with Invasive Species Video Series – Christmas Special)

This Christmas Carol tale begins on Christmas Eve with Ebenezer Scrooge, a man with a stingy heart, a disdain of native plants, and a phobia of dirty feet. His former business partner, Jacob Marley warns Scrooge of visits by three spirits. Overnight, the ghosts lead Scrooge through his innocent past, misguided present, and possible dire future overrun by invasive species. They help to transform him into a man of joy and compassion, both with the family of his impoverished clerk, Bob Cratchit, and his diverse ecosystem.

This video is part of my “Battles with Invasive Species” series to give kids of all ages a fun and humorous way to learn about invasive species. Here are other videos that you may enjoy too! 🙂

Commander Ben signing off…


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3 responses to “An Invasive Carol (Battles with Invasive Species Video Series – Christmas Special)

  1. So clever and funny. Thanks for your efforts to inform kids of all ages.

  2. Amy Wetmore

    Hi Ben, I really like your website.I’m glad to see how enthusiastic you are about battling invasive plants. I found your website while I was trying to identify what kind privet is growing so prolifically around here. I believe it must be Chinese privet and I’ve been cutting and pulling as many plants as I can. Instead of using herbicide I cover the stumps with large rocks. Rocks block the sun making it impossible for the plants to grow back. I like to think of creative ways to eradicate invasive plants because herbicides are more toxic than many people realize.Check out the documentary ” The World through the eyes of
    Monsanto” to learn more about Round-up and it’s dangers to human health and the environment.

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