Learn How to Create Great Films with Lights. Camera. Help.

I had a great time last year at the 2012 Lights Camera Help film festival! As part of the festival, they showed my short film, Native Plant Avengers, which used humor and action to talk about the problems invasive species are causing to our native Texas wildflowers.

I enjoyed talking with all the people at the festival. I learned more about how to make films and the causes and organizations the filmmakers championed. I also talked with the festival goers about my experiences with invasive species, Texas Invasives, and the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.

Since then I’ve been thinking about my next film to submit to the Lights. Camera. Help. Film Festival, and I started work on it this month!

Create a film for good!

Are you interested in creating a film for your nonprofit or do you have a great idea for a good cause? Mr. Aaron Bramley, Executive Director of Lights. Camera. Help., has been creating great webinars to help you with ideas on how to produce your video, from creating your story, to filming, and to assembling your final film.

Find out more about the film topics and register for the next webinar today.

Hope to see your film soon!

Your friend,


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2 responses to “Learn How to Create Great Films with Lights. Camera. Help.

  1. Judy Prim

    Great blog, Ben! It is very interesting!

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