How the Embracing Dyslexia Film Found Success with Kickstarter

The Embracing Dyslexia film found success with Kickstarter, but not right away. Director Luis Macias shared his experiences with crowd funding during my interview with him during the Texas Book Festival.

Failing the first time

When he first set out planning for his film, Mr. Macias knew about Kickstarter and crowd funding, but his first foray with a Kickstarter project met with failure.

He just had a video of himself looking at the camera explaining what his project was and what he wanted to accomplish. He raised about only $7000 out of his $24,000 goal.  Not having met his goal, his fundraising efforts failed and he would have to start all over again.

But his first project’s failure provided him with valuable experience. He discovered that it was important to have your base, people who know about you and your project. You also want to have a video to show some of the work that you’ve done.

Success the second time around

After his first project ended without funding, he reached out to the people who had initially supported his project to see if they were still interested in donating. If so, they could do so through his website, and Mr. Macias raised about $5500 that way.

That was enough to help him get started and take the first trip for his film.

When he tried his second Kickstarter project, he had Twitter and Facebook up and running, as well as people who already knew about the project. He also had some filming that he already took and he was able to put together a trailer for his project pitch.

At the end of his funding period, he raised $13,600.  $1,600 over his new goal of $12,000, making his Kickstarter project a success, which helped him finish his film.

Film experience

Mr. Macias loves films, and he is a video editor with many years of producing documentaries and corporate videos.

To film Embracing Dyslexia, he didn’t want to go the regular video camera route because he couldn’t get the film quality he wanted. Instead, he shot his film with two DSLRs, still cameras that also record HD video.

Mr. Macias he went out with his cinematographer, who handled the cameras. Mr. Macias handled the sound and helped with the lighting.

Video interviews with the Embracing Dyslexia film director

Watch the entire video series with Luis Macias and learn more about his film and dyslexia.

Additional posts and videos with students from the Rawson Saunders School during the Texas Book Festival:

Thanks, Mr. Macias, for creating your Embracing Dyslexia film to help educate parents, students, and educators about dyslexia.

Your friend,

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