Interviews with Dyslexic Students at the Texas Book Festival

Every year, the Texas Book Festival gathers authors and book enthusiasts together in Austin, Texas, to celebrate reading for entertainment and knowledge.

Unfortunately, reading can be a challenge to dyslexics, and this year’s festival included a documentary film, Embracing Dyslexia, and presentation from director Luis Macias to help others learn about dyslexia.

Ms. Mandy Tucker, Assistant Head of Lower School at Rawson Saunders, invited me to join her, students from Rawson Saunders, and Mr. Macias to talk about their experiences about dyslexia.

I jumped at the chance and met them on October 26 on the grounds of the Texas Capital. Here’s the first interview in this dyslexia video series from the Texas Book Festival.

Finding out that you’re dyslexic when you’re seven years old

Emmett, an eighth grader from Rawson Saunders, noticed that he was different from other students in his class. He needed more time on tests and had trouble spelling. He felt different from the other students, and this led to him being diagnosed with dyslexia when he was seven years old. When he first learned about it, he freaked out, but his mom reassured him, and then he became relieved to know that his learning difference had a name.

It’s not until kids get into reading and spelling do they notice that they’re different than other students. I realized the same when I was younger. I remember watching a PBS Arthur program where one of the characters who was smart had dyslexia. I turned to my mom and asked, “Is that what I have?” My mom said, “How would you feel about having that?” And I said, “I would be happy.” So then my mom smiled and said, “That’s what you have.” And then I went back to watching Arthur. 🙂

Austin vs. New York City

Attending Rawson Saunders has helped Emmett feel good about his learning difference. He feels at home with other dyslexic students. It’s a big difference from his old school in New York City. Rawson Saunders in Austin offers academic language therapy (ALT), which helps with the reading and spelling parts of dyslexia. It’s also greener in Texas!

At school, Emmett learns best through visual learning and class discussions instead of individual work. He also has no time limits on tests.

To dyslexia and beyond

Watch my video interview with Emmett where he candidly shares his experiences with dyslexia, his challenges, and his favorite subjects: science, math, film making, writer’s workshop, acting, and more! When he’s older, Emmett wants to be a scientist with NASA, Space X, or other companies that want to explore space.

Emmett reassures other dyslexic students that they have a gift, and with his talents, Emmett is well on his way to be the next Columbus in the Milky Way.

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3 responses to “Interviews with Dyslexic Students at the Texas Book Festival

  1. Keenah Armitage

    Ben!!!!! It’s Keenah from TexARTS. What a great site. My son who is 8 yrs old goes to Rawson Saunders. So cool. I love it. I hope you are well. Love to your family.

    • Hi Ms. Armitage,

      Oh my goodness! What a pleasure to hear from you again. So nice to hear that your son goes to Rawson Saunders. I know he’ll learn and have a great time there!

      Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I’ve been so busy with high school.

      I always enjoyed acting at TexArts. You really have a great place for it. My favorite experience there was singing for Legally Blonde, the musical.

      Your friend,


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