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Rare Texas Plants Struggle Against Invasive Species

Dr. Karen Clary describes the threat that invasive species pose to our rare Texas plants and recounts the ground-running, native Prostrate Milkweed’s struggle against the tall, invasive King Ranch Bluestem. She also talks about her two most disliked invasive plants, Giant Salvania and Heavenly Bamboo. Dr. Clary is a biologist with the Wildlife Habitat Assessment Program for the Wildlife Division of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

This video is part of Commander Ben’s “Invasive Species: Secrets Revealed” series of interviews from the 2011 Texas Invasive Plant and Pest Conference.

Learn more about our Central Texas ecosystem

Dr. Clary is also an instructor with Go Native U, which provides a great set of classes to learn more about our native environment. The classes on the flora and fauna of central Texas look really neat, especially those on our native wildflowers, plants, insects, mammals, birds, and reptiles. I look forward to attending these classes in the future!

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