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Sign up for the Shadow a Scientist Program at UT Austin

Commander Ben and Dr. Greg Clark at Explore UT

I was happy to see Dr. Greg Clark again at this year’s Explore UT. I first met Dr. Clark with the Shadow a Scientist Program last year. This program gives middle school students the chance to go on a two hour tour with real scientists at UT Austin.

It was a fantastic experience. Dr. Clark is a research scientist with the College of Natural Sciences, and I enjoyed going around his lab and greenhouse and seeing his experiments. I remember him talking about plant mutation and showing us how normal plant roots go straight down, and how the roots of mutated plants grow wavy and crooked.

If you’re a middle school student, this is an experience not to be missed! Sign up for this great program during the summer by contacting Dr. Clark on the Shadow a Scientist site that’s part of the College of Natural Science’s Freshman Research Initiative. He would love to hear from you!

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A Day with Dr. Clark at The UT School of Biological Sciences

This past Wednesday I got to spend the afternoon with Dr. Gregory Clark at The University of Texas School of Biological Sciences. It was fantastic!

Dr. Clark was so nice and very willing to teach me about plant biology. I especially enjoyed visiting the greenhouse on top of the school building that was loaded with tons of different plants. The cactus room was the best…so cool!

Thanks again to Dr. Clark and UT for a great day!

Commander Ben signing off…

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