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Terrible Texas Drought Reveals Sometimes Islands on Lake Travis

Join my expedition to the Sometimes Islands on Lake Travis. I shouldn’t be able to get here, but the Texas drought of 2011 revealed and created a land bridge to the islands. Find out the ruins and treasures that I discovered, and get a glimpse at what the Colorado River may have looked like before Mansfield Dam was built near Austin, Texas.

Learn more about the drought and its effects on our parks and environment with my other video, Texas Drought 2011 Scorches McKinney Falls State Park.

Commander Ben signing off…and saying farewell to 2011…and hopefully good-bye this terrible Texas drought too!

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In an Ecesis Far Far Away…

Before the non-native times, learn about Commander Ben’s ultimately doomed attempt to teach Elephant Ear (Colocasia esculenta) how to become an invasive hunter.

Hello, my friends.

Sorry that it has been a while since we last talked.  Summer’s in full swing and I’ve been enjoying the outdoors and camps, including a camp this week with my rescued yellow lab.

This video is my most complex yet.  I hope you enjoy it.  My next one will be a southwestern invasive adventure.  I look forward to talking more with you then.  In the meantime enjoy my latest video and happy Independence Day!

Commander Ben signing off…

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