Learning Ally Features Student Adventurer Commander Ben

Commander Ben and Ms. Jenny Falke after talking with him about dyslexia for Learning Ally

Commander Ben and Ms. Jenny Falke after talking with him about dyslexia for Learning Ally

I want to share some great news with you! Today, Learning Ally featured a blog post and video about how I have worked with my dyslexia and used the wonderful selection of audio books available from Learning Ally as part of my education.

A few months ago, Ms. Jenny Falke, Senior Communications Associate with Learning Ally, asked if she could interview me for an article.  I told her that I would love to share my experiences about dyslexia and listening to novels and textbooks from Learning Ally during my elementary and middle school years.

Ms. Falke was a great interviewer! It was a wonderful night, and I was happy to tell my story so I could help other kids who have dyslexia.  Check out the Learning Ally blog, and watch a video there where I share my struggles with dyslexia and how I was able to keep up with my studies using audio books from Learning Ally.

If you have dyslexia, visit the Learning Ally site and learn more about their great audio books and learning resources for students (like me!) and other people with dyslexia.

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4 responses to “Learning Ally Features Student Adventurer Commander Ben

  1. Amy Wetmore

    Hello Ben, Lately I’ve been illustrating invasive privet seedlings and native and non-native invasive lady beetles and I thought you might like to use them when you’re teaching children about invasives. I attatched several photos for you to see. I also have photographs of several invasive plants if you ever need them. Amy

  2. Amy Wetmore

    Here’s one more. The Polished lady beetle is native and one of the few native lady beetles left in my area. The Seven-spotted ladybeetle (or ladybug) is from Europe and seems to have almost completely displaced the native nine-spotted and native two-spotted. The Asian lady beetle is displacing them as well and is very invasive. You might be interested in looking at the Lostladybugproject’s website to learn more about it. Amy

  3. Jenny Falke

    It was so great to meet you and your family, Ben! Thanks for sharing your story with me and all the supporters of Learning Ally. You are an inspiration to so many!

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