How Cancer Begins with Misbehaving DNA

Now that I’m done with my fall semester, and I’ve practiced and completed the test for my next Taekwondo belt, I’m getting caught up with my blog, especially to post my great video interviews with Dr. Mark Clanton for the most recent Hot Science – Cool Talks presentation, “The War on Cancer: 41 Years after Nixon’s Declaration“.

In the first part of my video interview, Dr. Clanton talks about his background as the chief medical officer of the High Plains Division of the American Cancer Society. He was also the deputy director of the United States National Cancer Institute at the National Institutes of Health.

Dr. Clanton also talks about how every cancer begins with misbehaving DNA. DNA interacts with our environment and can change after we are born. Watch this video to learn more about DNA’s master architect role and about some of the treatments, such as chemotherapy, for treating fast growing cancer cells.

This is the first video in my interview series with Dr. Clanton. I’ll be posting more videos this week with Dr. Clanton  where we’ll learn about how genes and epigenetics play a significant role in cancer and what we can do about it.

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