Plants, Fossils, and Gold E. Locks at Explore UT

I’m back from Washington, and I got the cast off my broken hand today. Yea! I had a wonderful time at Kids’ Day, and I’ll have a lot of neat posts and videos about the event in the coming days.

I want to write a quick post to encourage you to attend Explore UT on Saturday, March 3, at the University of Texas at Austin. It’s a fun, campus wide event for kids of all ages.

I’ve attend Explore UT in the past and remember these fun activities:

  • Searching for gold
  • Digging for fossils
  • Running across a vat of cornstarch and water (and yelling – I particularly recommend this activity)
  • Making slime
  • Handling sheep organs (yuck, but intriguing)
  • Handling and learning about marine creatures

This Saturday, I’m looking forward to:

  • Digging for more fossils
  • Learning about the fascinating, hidden world of plants
  • Participating in the Gold E. Locks Mock Trial (I’m afraid that I’ve already formed an opinion)
  • And returning to Hogwarts Jungle Potions Class!!!

Hope to see you there!

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