Commander Ben Invited to National Invasive Species Awareness Week

I have great news! I was invited to talk about invasive species during National Invasive Species Awareness Week (NISAW) from February 26 – March 3, 2012 in Washington, DC. Wow! What an honor to be invited to our nation’s capital!!!!

I’m going to bring my Invasive Hunter Academy to NISAW Kids’ Day at the U.S. Botanic Garden on Sunday, February 26th. I’m going to train kids with fun activities to teach them how to be an invasive hunter.

I’m looking forward to learning more about invasives too and to going to Washington for the first time. I want to visit the Natural History Museum, Smithsonian, Air and Space Museum, and the Lincoln Memorial.

I’d like to climb up the Washington Monument too, but I don’t know if my Dad can make it all the way up. (I hear it might be closed for repairs after the earthquake too. At least that’s what my Dad told me.)

If you’re a kid near Washington, and you want to learn more about invasive species, go to Kids’ day. (It’s free!) I would love to meet you and help train you to battle invasives too!


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5 responses to “Commander Ben Invited to National Invasive Species Awareness Week

  1. That’s great Ben! i will be coming to NISAW from Montana but I will not be there for kid’s day but I hope to meet you if you are still around later in the week.

  2. Caryn Rickel

    Hi Ben, I am so impressed with your work. I am working on
    Phyllostachys and have researched this invasive
    for 18 months, and have tracked 130 invasions in
    Connecticut. It has already escaped to forest and wetlands.
    I found a natural colony that traveled on water.
    Keep up your research, and learn to separate the aurea
    from the aureosulcata, and then do a research piece.
    Most of our research is lumping all to aurea, when in fact
    most of the infestations are aureosulcata.
    Yellow groove is easy to ID. Our research here needs to
    start to do this correctly. Please contact me for more info.

  3. Caryn Rickel

    Ben,, Please like and join our new facebook page !

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