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Fantastic site to learn about invasive species in Texas

When I first wanted to learn more about invasive species for my science fair project, I turned to the web and found a great site to learn all about invasive species in Texas.  (Yes.  I’m a native Texan! 🙂 )
Texas Invasives at is a wonderful web site that teaches you all about the invasive species that are causing harm, both economically and ecologically, to our great state.  You can go into their invasives database to learn about each of the species, including the famous (or infamous!) Giant Reed–my favorite nemesis.
You can even sign up as a citizen scientist to report sightings of invasive species and have them added to a map that everyone can easily access.  I’ve already added a few sightings of my own and learned a lot about invasive and native plants along the way.
If you’re new to learning about invasives, especially in Texas, or if you’re a seasoned invasive hunter, this site will be a great resource for you.  Five green thumbs up for the Texas Invasives site!

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